Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to Vishal Mangalwadi's Blog

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my blog. I'll be posting regularly about my many areas of research. My current project is called "Must the Sun Set on the West?" It's about how the Bible is the source of the freedom and prosperity that Europe and America have experienced in modern times. I delivered a series of lectures on this at the University of Minnesota, which you can download from my website, and a book version will be published sometime in 2009. You can also check out my YouTube channel, where I have a series of videos making the case that Barack Obama owes his election to the Bible.


  1. Since you project with Indian Perspective, you need to inform our fellow Americans about the Glorified Indian tradition by comparing and contrasting the Indian values & practices directly with American ideals and practices.While as an Indian immigrant, I truly admire America, I still feel that America should publicly apologize and ask to be forgiven by the Native Americans and Black for the genocide committed and practice of segregation by the Puritans and others in the name of Christianity against Native Americans and Blacks Blacks, even by the Church. Election of Barak Obama, as our President provides an excellent opportunity to show our renewed commitment to lead the country with hope,faith and grace in the Bible. I would suggest that you may alone or work with Rick Warren to provide a pulpit and a enlightened congregation something similar to what Bishop Tutu did in South Africa.May our Lord and Savior guide you.
    In Christ
    Prosanto Mukerji

  2. Dear Professor Mangalwadi,
    As always I find your lectures fill to the brim with sound reason, and a voice of reason in this age where sensationalism sells.
    I am currently working through your lectures as they appear on your youtube account, and have posted them to my blog at wordpress. I look forward to listening to your set of lectures 'Must The Sun Set On The West' and should they eventually appear on youtube, I will be honoured to share them in this way again.

    Have you done any audio on your earlier lectures. ie. The Da Vinci Code, Yoga, and especially 'When the New Age Gets Old'. Should you embark on rendering these in video format, I do believe they will address the confusion regarding Mysticism and the Bible, Yoga and proper Christian Meditation. etc.

    In service to Jesus,

  3. Thank you professor Mangalwadi, thoroughly enjoyed your lecture series, "Must the Sun Set on the West" I was wondering if you are working on publishing that in book form? I just recieved your book "Truth and Transformation" does this have the same ideas as the other lecture series?

    1. great intellect.great views.

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  4. When will you change your name to a Christian name? "Vishal" and "Mangalwadi" are Hindu names!

    1. The disciples of Christ had the same names ( with the exception of Peter) before they followed Christ and after they started following Christ. Their names became Christian names because of their exemplary life and their commitment to Christ to the point of death. I would say the name Prof. Vishal Mangalwadi even though a Hindu name, would stand as a icon of wisdom of God Almighty. Just a thought.